Our Story

We represent Findlay, Ohio.

A great place to play. A great place to live. And a great place to do business. In fact, our hometown was ranked Top Micropolitan Community in the U.S. in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

We like it in Findlay. To us it’s more than a small mid-west town; it’s a city full of opportunity. We appreciate that there is a healthy dose of both history and constant growth here. We welcome every chance that we have to help clients on a local, regional and national level, right here in the heart of Findlay, Ohio.

To accomplish this goal and keep our brains alive and kickin’, we are always doing something unconventional. Whether we’re bouncing on our exercise ball “office chairs” or brainstorming over pancakes, the wheels are always turning.


Where we started.


Founded in late 2012, Andrea Kramer provided the breath of life to a company called Go Grow Strategies.

What started as a presentation for her local Rotary Club about Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, spiraled into Andrea being in demand for coaching local business and agencies on that topic.  After quickly realizing there was a need for a digital marketing agency in the region, Go Grow became a reality in a matter of months.  Andrea enlisted a web developer and marketing strategist with the combined vision of providing all key digital marketing disciplines under one roof. As Go Grow capabilities grew through specialists and interns, Andrea and her team appreciated the advantages of becoming a fully integrated agency before it was an industry trend. Together, they continue to add new capabilities to the agency to better serve clients.

In 2014 Go Grow Strategies won a national award, "Best Newcomer Agency Award" by Marketing Profs.  That's a BIG deal.  Just ask us.

What makes YOUR brand different and what’s true about it isn’t always the same thing. Others may copy what you do, but the one simple truth that makes you authentic is yours and yours alone. It’s what defines you. And it’s our job to look deeper to find the authenticity in your brand and create ideas around it that will rally, inspire and move consumers and businesses to action.