Within marketing, there is always something referred to as your target market. A target market is ideally a persona which can be defined as a clear representation of your ideal customer. A company is going to solely adapt their business to this persona from things these "type" of people are interested in, to how one can relate to them.  


Developing a Persona:

If a company is unsure of what exactly their persona is, it is important to collect information within the business. Contacting the sales team is a major step, which ensures the company is targeting the right people. Another helpful step is reaching out to customers directly. Asking them questions about their experiences or things they would enjoy can be very beneficial.            


Developing an understanding of your persona is always going to be your first step. This is not only going to help within marketing but will also be beneficial to sales, advertising, product development, and many other things! Developing your content around this will drive revenue up while also keeping your market interested.

Negative Personas:

Negative personas are also something to consider within a business. These are the people that you do not want as your customer. This could be someone that is within one's persona but they know is someone that will not buy from a specific company.  Being sure to create a negative persona list will ensure a company is not wasting time and money marketing to the wrong "type of people."