Search Engine Optimization and Analytics are two things that have been on the rise over the past decade. Ideally, both of these terms deal with the traffic that something on the internet receives. Pertaining to a company itself it is very important to track and analyze this data to increase optimization. There are many that can help improve one's company overall.



The quality of content is highly important when publishing articles, blogs, or strictly just information. When the quality is set to a high standard within the company will allow an increase of traffic to your websites. Although well-developed content will allow a companies search engine optimization to grow, having quality pictures is another major step. If photos are not in high resolution and up to date this could ideally hurt your companies traffic overall.  


Developing keywords within your content can essentially drive traffic too. When someone types a word or two one ideally wants their company to be seen. Tagging articles and blogs under categories will allow for sites to reach growth over time. Along with this coming up with titles that focus on these keywords will also help. Majority of the times short and sweet is the way to go especially when it comes to titles. Sparking the reader's interest will allow a company to hopefully attract them to their desired sites. 


Making things easy and convenient for customers is something every business should strive to do. By doing this on a website will ideally drive revenue and optimization. Making clickable links to references, various pages, and social media will keep customers happy while also driving traffic to those desired links.