Personal Branding

Personal branding has become a term that has significantly grown over the past decade. Rather it is an up incoming company or a business needing a new face branding is where most companies turn to today. Branding seems very simple but often times can be dynamic yet complex. The first thing that companies need to ask themselves is what makes them DIFFERENT? Determining this will allow a company to figure out why a consumer is going to buy a product or service over a fellow competitor. Below are a few key ideas to focus on when developing a personal brand. 


Developing a Niche

A niche can be classified as something that one's business will always come back to. A marketing firm, for instance, can always come back to something they are excelling at like social media marketing. Rather it is print material they are working on for a client, social media is always tied in there somehow.

By focusing on elements that represent a company core focus always comes back full circle to the brand itself. By targeting these areas clients and potential clients see the results one is getting because of these products or services. This not only grows opportunities but leads to business leads as well. 


Becoming Known

Once a well-developed brand is established it is important to gain brand recognition on the market. Allowing individuals to become aware of what this "new" brand is all about can draw significant attention to a business.

Ways to attract traffic:

  • Contests

  • Social media (multiple platforms)

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Blogging

  • Industry officials (journals in the market)

  • Embassadors

There are a variety of things that help develop one's personal brand. Every market and company will be different, which is something to keep in mind. Building a brand along with a target audience can take years. Focusing on the dynamic of a brand and allowing it to adapt to trends in the industry can allow a company to flourish. By centralizing on the two points listed above, personal branding will be something incorporated in any present or future business.