Social Media Platforms

Whether a business is just starting or has been around for decades social media is the key in any up-incoming marketing plan. Marketing plans can include a variety of things featuring a twelve-month plan, goals, strategies, and much more! In today's society, there are a variety of social media platforms that can be utilized to benefit the needs and the dynamics within a company. Deciding which platforms are best for a tailored company can be the tricky part. 


Previous years

If an existing company is struggling with the use of social media, the first step is to take a look at previous years. Analytics can be a useful tool that many companies today take advantage of. Facebook, google analytics, and even a company site can be tracked based on views, clicks, impressions, etc. By figuring out what content drives the most traffic can help when planning for future content writing & social media posts.  

Target Market

Every company's social media platforms will be different based on the target market or audience one is trying to attract. Facebook, for instance, is a platform that is utilized by a wide variety of individuals. It has the ability to attract millennials but also previous generations at the same time. This platform can be useful for a company that has a broad target market. On the other hand, Instagram & Twitter have the ability to focus on the younger generation, with a majority of their traffic being under the age of thirty. By determining a clear target market can help decide what platforms are best for a new or existing company. 

Altering Content

Once social media platforms are decided upon, it is important to alter the content to fit these platforms. Certain platforms keep things very simple while other platforms can be more content driven. Linkedin has been a platform that has been emerging over the last decade, focusing on connecting businesses while also generating leads at the same time. Creating content to fit future businesses needs is something that should ideally be focused entirely on this platform. 


Social media platforms can be a learning experience for any business. There will always be posts or content that has better results than others. Adapting to platforms and staying up to date on trends in a specific industry one is targeting can help significantly. Each business social media is going to be different, but it is important to think about what is best for the company, associates, and the market surrounding it.